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HERFight x Narika Self Defense Classes

Thank you to everyone who attended our HERFight x Narika Self Defense Classes! We went over basic movements and answered questions regarding situations and how to properly escape. Keep an eye out for more such opportunities in the future!

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Sparring Stance

 The foundation to every attacking or defending technique. Whenever you may be in a situation where you must defend yourself, the sparring stance is where you start.


Punch with your front hand



Punch with your back hand


Punch located toward the side of the face

Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 12.14.55
Vulnerable Points


Used in close proximity situations-Strikes are targeted to the face with your elbow


Targeted to lower body or chest- Contact is made with knee and in closer situations

If you are interested in hosting a session in your community, contact us via email:

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