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Meet the Team


Meher Jain

Founder and Senior Director

Meher Jain is the Founder and Lead Executive Director at HERFight. As a senior from the Bay Area, California, Meher aspires to spread the mission of women empowerment to world around her, hoping to inspire the next generation of womxn to stand up for themselves and fight back. She can't wait to see where HERFight goes this year! 


Hetal Kurani

Executive Director

Hetal Kurani is a junior at Homestead High School. She enjoys spending time with her friends and meeting new people. Hetal joined HERFight in order to inspire change in others and make an impact on the controversial mission that this organization fights towards. She is eager to make a lasting difference through this organization and is excited for what’s to come!


Helen Tian

Executive Director

Helen Tian is currently a junior at Mission San Jose High School. From her past experiences on the speech and debate team and her interests in social impact, she wanted to be a part of HERFight to speak out about important issues such as sexual harassment that affect people globally. She is ecstatic to see the organization grow in the coming years.

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Director of Outreach

Hey it's Biscuit, the Director of Outreach! As someone who commutes a lot, I know how difficult it can be for a girl to feel safe. Even just simply speaking up is hard because the blame is pinned on the girl most of the time. I wish to change this and to help everyone all over the world to be equipped with ways to protect themselves - and that's exactly what HERFight is doing.

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Saloni Gune

Director of Marketing

Hi! I’m Saloni, Co-Director of Marketing at HERFight. I’m an advocate for mental health and want to spread awareness about sexual harassment. I also hope to help create a loving community where survivors can come to tell their stories! I like to dance, play the piano, listen to music, and love anything related to science!

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Arabi Mahanujam

Director of Marketing

Arabi Mahanujam is a junior living in Toronto, Canada. She decided to join HERFight because she wanted to raise awareness on issues surrounding sexual violence/abuse as well as break societal stigmas. In her free time she likes to read, write, watch TV, do karate and volunteer around her community.

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Nicole Lee

Director of Self Defense

Nicole Lee is a sophomore at Homestead High School in the Bay Area. She enjoys playing soccer and binging tv shows. She joined HERFight to make a change within the community and to help spread awareness to those around her. She can’t wait to meet new people and teach others how to defend themselves. She hopes to make others feel empowered and looks forward to our future events!

Tanya Chhabria

Tanya Chhabria

Director of IT

Tanya is a sophomore at Mission San Jose High School. She is passionate about spreading awareness about mental health, empowering women in STEM, and helping others. She decided to join HERFight because she wanted to create a safe environment for womxn to share their experiences and work with others to create a better world. She loves to read, code, listen to music, and learn especially about topics related to science!

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Kaylee Wei


Hi! I’m Kaylee, co-Editor-in-Chief! I joined HERFight to help alleviate the stigma around sexual harassment and to share and learn about survivors’ stories. I also like to play the violin, binge Youtube, draw, and, of course, read and write.


Sonali Bhana


Hi! I'm Sonali Bhana, the co-Editor-in-Chief of HERFight! I joined to spread awareness of sexual assaults and how people, especially girls, can prevent or get out of those types of potential situations. In my free time I enjoy reading, writing, playing with my dog, and re-watching episodes of The Flash or Brooklyn 99!

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