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Mental Health Webinar

experienced professionals shared their thoughts and expertise on various aspects of mental health

Krystal Baller - Depression-HERFight

Krystal Baller

Krystal Baller is a mental health advocate who is a huge proponent of therapy, specifically cognitive behavioral therapy. Her interest is rooted in her depression that she has navigated her entire life but she has learned to thrive instead of just survive within the past few years.


Sara Azimipour - Teen Therapy Project-HERFight

Sara Azimipour

Teen Therapy Project

Sara Azimipour senior in high school and creator of the Teen Therapy but Make it Free podcast aiming to create a safe space for teenagers to speak about mental health. She speaks about her own experiences and also gives a platform to others to do the same. 


Janice and Maddie

eating disorders

Having struggled with eating disorders, Janice and Maddie wanted to help others struggling with their mental health, as well as educate families, professionals, and the general public about what it was like living with an eating disorder.

Christy Ukata - Heal and Chill - HERFight

Christy Ukata

heal and chill

Christy Ukata, founder of the Heal and Chill Foundation, is a media personality in Ghana, West Africa and has experienced sexual abuse and assault both as a child and adult. Rape culture and its lack of publicity is very prevalent in many parts of Africa, and thus Heal and Chill seeks to help those survivors by promoting healing and raising awareness on sexual abuse, assault and related issues. 

Lisa-7 Cups-HERFight


7 cups- emotional trauma

Lisa is a psychotherapist with special experiences in working with people affected by trauma. She has worked in many settings, from police stations in South Africa to online therapy, through mental health communities such as 7 Cups. Focusing on providing a safe environment, she utilizes a broad range of therapy methods to find a tailored therapy style to best suit her clients


View mental health disorders from the perspective of a professional and a survivor. 


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