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Weekly Self Defense Classes for Girls

In scenarios such as walking home in the dark, help is not always accessible; it is imperative that everyone has a basic knowledge of self-defense to ensure their own safety. By teaching girls young, you increase their confidence and allow them to become strong and empowering individuals when they grow older — self-defense is a stepping stone to help them reach their full potential and to teach them that they have the power to achieve what they want. 



Classes will be held weekly on Mondays from 4-5 PM, starting from January 23rd to April 18th. 



Classes will be held over Zoom, and Zoom links will be sent out via email prior to the class. 


Parents will be updated on student performance at the end of every month if the student is under the age of 11. Constant communication will be maintained if the parent would like to address any questions or concerns.



Any age above 4th grade is welcome to attend the classes! It is a great way to get your child involved in self-defense or take a break from a day of work. 



Upon completion of the program (3/4th of classes attended), the student will receive a certificate of completion alongside chances to become more involved with teaching classes. 



There is NO COST for this program, but optional donations are recommended and greatly appreciated. 


Kaavya Saini is a junior at Mission San Jose High School — as a red belt currently training in Shaolin Kung Fu, she has worked closely with young children to help them learn the basics of martial arts. 


Gunit Kaur is a sophomore at Mission San Jose High School. Working alongside Kaavya, she is a part of the assistant team to teach kids Shaolin Kung Fu. She is currently a black belt and is working towards furthering her martial arts education! 

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