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Our Mission

who we are and what we stand for

      Every 73 seconds, an American is assaulted. Every 9 minutes, that victim is a child. In a world where we believe the savage crimes committed in the past are below us, the superiority complex that has integrated itself in the minds of humanity remains. We live in a world where we have evolved in a species that is known to fight every obstacle that they have faced, yet they cannot begin to see the faults that lie within them. Women have fought for the human rights that they deserve, yet are silenced through those who believe that they are superior. A time has come upon us where we cannot trust our protectors, the police. Women have been oppressed for far too long, forced into servitude, and acts beyond imagination. In a world where we do not know whom to trust, it is time to rely on our instincts. To learn to protect ourselves against the evils that have disguised themselves as the people around us.

     Sit like a lady. A simple phrase that almost all of us have heard, but not realized the evils within. This simple phrase is the congregation of decades of stereotypes that women have been forced to follow. Sit elegantly to appeal to those around you. You must be proper for everyone around you, regardless of your discomfort. You are nothing but a doll, to sit pretty and pristine for others to look at. Talk like a lady. Do not be confident in the way you speak. Your voice must be high and sweet, and your words must be sugarcoated. Do not stand up for what you believe is right. This is a world where young boys are given Nerf guns to play with, girls are given kitchens are baby dolls. Even from an age so tender, people are forcing the idea that girls must be there for others, to cook and take care of someone else. Their job as a caretaker is all they are. Oppression is so evidently displayed in every action society has taken, yet they decide to turn a blind eye to the unjust actions they have conducted. Just let girls be girls, and boys be boys.

     These ruthless actions against women have fostered the idea of HERFight, where women can learn the essential self-defense tips to protect themselves from those who retain the mindset that women are nothing but servants. Here, we have a space for people to share their stories. Advice to get away from harassers whilst following the law. To avoid confrontation through fostering abilities such as a confident walk, and how to say no in a stern and finalized manner. HERFight. Everything a girl should stand for, but what has been unjustly taken away from them with the stereotypes of society. Heroic. Extraordinary. Resilient. These simple traits have brought upon HERFight's mission. 

Educate, empower, and inspire others to take action against acts of sexual assault. 

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