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How to defend yourself with car keys

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Car keys can be used as a last resort if you have nothing else you can use to defend yourself with.

Car keys are not very long or sharp, therefore organs, such as the heart and lungs will not be pierced, so aim for the thigh, throat, eyes, and groin. These are some of the assailant’s weak points. The “key” is to use speed and aggression–-don’t stop until you can escape or get help. Hold onto your key firmly and stab it forcefully at any of these vulnerable areas. You can stab your assailant in the eye with your key, then kick them in the groin and run away. Pair your attack with another self-defense move, such as a front kick. For example, If someone grabs you from behind, you can use your key to stab at their arms and hands to get them to let go.

How to hold a key in an effective way:

-Hold a key like a knife and use it to stab and slash

-Grip the key into a hammer fist and smash the key into an attacker’s face

-Hold a key as you would to unlock a door: index finger curled underneath the key, thumb pressing down on top of it, curl your bottom 3 fingers on any other keys or objects.

-Hammer grip: hold a key in a fist, the key is sticking out the bottom. Press your thumb down firmly on your index finger.

How to use the key:

-Slice the key back and forth in long slicing motions across the attacker’s face. Eyes would be good, or vulnerable areas like the backs of their hands.

-Slash across the attacker’s face in an “X” pattern as a defensive move

Written by Trisha T

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