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How to do a Proper Break Fall

Updated: Jan 15

Hello! In this description, you will learn how to do a proper break fall. If you are in a situation where you are pushed to the ground, a break fall is done to mitigate the harm done to your body.

The key thing to know about break falls is that you should always go with the flow. If you are already falling, let yourself fall as opposed to trying to stay upright and potentially harming yourself further or wasting your energy. It’s best to let yourself fall as safely as you can and then try to get up instead of trying to fight gravity.

When doing a break fall, the most important thing is to tuck your chin into your chest to protect your head. A concussion is not something you want to risk, and hitting your head will almost guarantee you are unable to fight back. Try your best to roll instead of falling flat as it helps break the fall and disperse the energy throughout your body. When rolling, once you feel your lower back touch the ground, you should stick your arms out to the side and high-five the ground. That is another important point; you should NEVER hit the ground with the back side of your hand, only the palm, as there are nerve endings in the back of your hand that you do not want to injure. You may injure your arms or palm of your hand, but that’s the cost-benefit of a break fall. Better to injure that instead of your head or nerve endings.

That concludes this description, and I hope you learned something new!

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